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Conferences are scheduled twice during the year, and school is closed for two days each time. We strongly urge parents to attend and remind you that these conferences are for parents only, so please make arrangements for your child’s care during these conferences.

If a special meeting is needed at any other time, please call 434-979-5223 for an appointment.


In the morning, if your child begins to cry and does not want to enter the school, understand that this is sometimes normal behavior. The staff has experience in handling this particular issue. Please try to say good-bye as kindly and firmly as you can, give a kiss, and leave quickly. The teachers will take loving care of your children and will comfort them. Remaining at the door or lingering by the car will only make parting more difficult for you and your child. Within a short period of time most all of these little fears disappear.


Throughout the year we welcome you to come and observe your child in the classroom. This is a wonderful time for you to learn about the Montessori environment and to see what your child does at school every day. We strongly urge you to observe several times during the year and especially before parent conferences. Scheduled observations may begin after October 1. Please call the office at least one day in advance to schedule a time to observe.


Regular attendance is essential to good progress in school. Should a student be unable to attend for any reason, please contact the school as soon as possible.

Dr. Montessori stated that work has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is not an overstatement to say that a child deprived of the proper beginning by being late to arrive is deprived of the most important part of his/her school day. It tends to make him/her feel like an “outsider” because work has started before he/she arrives. Although we understand that there is occasionally an unavoidable delay, please make every effort to have your child/children here by 9:00 a.m.


For notification of Frost Montessori School closings please refer to local television stations, or visit this website and check the Announcements page.

If, while school is in session, you think the roads are getting dangerous, please feel free to come for your child at your discretion. We will never close school as long as children are in the building.


The Frost Montessori School will only dismiss children to a parent or those persons designated by the parents on the Emergency Information Form. We will never allow a child to leave school with any unauthorized person. A child must provide written verification of any change in transportation arrangements.

Parents must pick their children up promptly. If a parent has not arrived at the specified dismissal time, a staff member will call a parent or other authorized person on the Emergency Information Form. A staff member will remain with the child until an authorized person has picked up the child from the school. Habitual lateness cannot be tolerated. After 12:00 noon, the staff have responsibilities working with the extended-day and full-day children. We appreciate your promptness!! Not to mention that it is upsetting to a child if he or she is not picked up on time. A fee will be charged for lateness.

Tips for Parents

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